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All Free Sex Guide

Here you'll find Sex Articles we collect over the internet. Tips on everything you'd like to know about Sex, Sexuality, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sexual Positions and much more!

Sex and Ageing

By Jonatas Dornelles

How people could react to certain alterations in sexuality, as determined by the age factor, can differ a great deal. For example, some teenager could react to his tremendous sexual urges by behaving in as rebellious a manner as aggressive towards females. Another could fall in love and talk his girlfriend into making love to him. Likewise, upon coming to an age and going up against alterations in their sexual response, some men become reclusive, turning short-fused and withdrawn.

Posted by webmaster on Monday, December 11 @ 07:04:45 UTC (3502 reads)
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Lies About Sex - Part 1

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

That line on masturbation causes diseases is the biggest lie of them all. In antiquity even doctors believed that masturbation was the source of mental disturbances and many other diseases. But that?s not the way it is. All that is said about masturbation might induce hair growth in the hands, pops out pimples and the like is not concise.

Posted by webmaster on Monday, October 09 @ 09:38:00 UTC (3908 reads)
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The Sexual Preferencies of a Male

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

You gal might have your own perceptions on the male preferences when it comes to having sex. What they are really like when sex means the bottom line.

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 12 @ 09:50:30 UTC (4320 reads)
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Sexual Practices and Intimacy

By Editors

Sex is wonderful when depicted on television and films. It seems so easy and out of hard tasks, but in fact, there are lots of things to be taken into account when we are sharing sexual moments with someone. First of all, we must realize that not everything we watch on the screen is real. That is because on videos, directors are interested in passing erotism the quickest way they can.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, June 22 @ 08:29:58 UTC (3719 reads)
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Sex and Techniques

By Editors

A very good way people have to increase the quality that you spend in bed with someone else is very important to explore the many ways sex can be presented to us. Sometimes, those who have an active sexual life feel like they want more than just a simple and quick intercourse. According to this need, there is available, today, a huge number of sources to learn how to make alternative and more pleasurable sex.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, June 01 @ 08:38:30 UTC (4271 reads)
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Teenagers and New Forms of Sex

By Editors

Some people would say that sex is an adult thing. Adult videos can only be available for adults themselves. The XXX tag explains itself as an adult type of entertainment. However it does not seem to be hardly followed these days.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, May 04 @ 08:14:03 UTC (3213 reads)
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Extraconjugal Sex

By Editors

When two people start to share a lifetime; almost 24 hours a day, not mattering if the law says it or not; they are, in fact, married. By marrying, people start to undertake lots of things together, and one of these things ? a very important one ?is to share pleasurable moments in bed: sex.

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, March 07 @ 08:33:38 UTC (2881 reads)
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How To Have Anal Sex
Sexual Positions

By Editors

Anal sex is one of the most appreciated forms of intercourse by men, becoming fetish for many of them somewhat. Women however, tend to regard this sex practice as pain-ridden and for some, disgusting so-experience.

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, February 01 @ 10:18:13 UTC (5814 reads)
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Sex Selection

By Editors

Scientist Charles Darwin, who developed the theory of evolution of species that is so essential for us to understand how life evolved on this planet and also nature's amazing capacity of adaptation and transformation, also developed another interesting theory about what is called sex selection.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, January 12 @ 07:13:43 UTC (2670 reads)
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Sexual Assault

By Editors

A sexual assault may be the most violent, humiliating and insensate crimes a person commits. More than just physical injuries forced to have sex (most of the times with a complete stranger), a sexual assault may leave deep psychological impressions on someone.

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 15 @ 06:26:31 UTC (2647 reads)
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Sexual Dysfunction

By Editors

Sexual dysfunction a clinical term increasingly common for urologists and gynecologists in every corner of the word. We are living in the age of sexual dysfunction, when strains of modern lifestyle render sex into serious concern.

Posted by webmaster on Friday, December 02 @ 10:24:36 UTC (2762 reads)
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Male Sex Disfunction

By Editors

Suffering a sexual dysfunction can be for the man extremely frustrating if not distressing. When leading a life on the rat race dwelling on unbalanced diet, most to do with chain-smoking, alcohol consumption and the lot, appointments, preoccupations and odds pilling up may aggravate it.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, November 17 @ 07:38:59 UTC (3319 reads)
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Myths About Sex Violence

By Editors

There are several myths surrounding the topic of sexual violence. More often than not, it's likely to lead people astray to have taken to hasty action when faced with what looks-like a sex act to be characterized as sexual violence.

Posted by webmaster on Friday, November 04 @ 06:59:06 UTC (3453 reads)
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Lies About Sex - Part 2

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

Further to this article, there?s nothing better than reminding that the use of condoms means cornerstone when it comes to sex. In respect to the sexual health of those involved.

Posted by webmaster on Wednesday, November 08 @ 07:45:18 UTC (3395 reads)
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Flower Remedies and Sexuality

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

Sexuality carries out the claim for personal traits, in addition to the ways of getting along with someone else. By humanly envisage is sensuality the slot for the sake of happy lifestyle and jacked up self-esteem, in that the creativity so spontaneously generated enjoyed whenever kept in good terms with the inner self. ?

Posted by webmaster on Monday, September 25 @ 08:33:39 UTC (3893 reads)
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Infatuation and Sex

By Editors

Everybody has already passed trough a situation that a phrase is thought: ?Here we go again, infatuation?. To fall in love can be a very tricky thing, but it surely would be nice to highlight that we are the champions on making it to be rougher than it really is.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, July 06 @ 08:09:31 UTC (2621 reads)
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Menopause and Sex

By Jonatas Dornelles

Concerns over sexual health stem from various causes some such as sexual order. ?Against this back drop sticks out some sexual disorder as natural cause would-be responsible for significant changes in sex life. Sexuality affects us all and women ultimately, now that we caught your attention let?s introduce sex-related problems under another angle.

Posted by webmaster on Monday, June 12 @ 12:08:00 UTC (3455 reads)
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Sex and Fetishism

by Darci L. D. Janarelli

There could describe fetishism as a behavioral pattern present in particular people in that reaching arousal in the presence of a certain sexual object, whether inanimate or else, real or imaginary.

Posted by webmaster on Monday, May 22 @ 10:46:00 UTC (2894 reads)
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Sex Faking Orgasm

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

Reaching orgasm, ultimately climax, at peak of sexual arousal, became today?s desperately sought after must see must do. And women seem being growing rather demanding, too true and thus keen willing to receive pleasure thoroughly, eager as ever to indulge themselves in orgasms never felt before. Yet this relentless quest also carries out the claim for a lifestyle more actively and sexually fulfilling.

Posted by webmaster on Tuesday, April 04 @ 08:13:42 UTC (3675 reads)
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Sex and Swing

By Adriana Sommer da Costa

The swing practice epitomizes sexual fantasies of just as many sexed up folks. There could be said, otherwise, that it is preferably male-orientated as sexual fantasy.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, February 16 @ 09:27:38 UTC (4107 reads)
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Sexual Perversity

By Editors

Sexual perversity is also called Paraphilia to be defined as sexual arousal or excitement due to situations and things that would not be considered normal in sex, or in some cases, not even normally acceptable. There are several levels of sexual perversity, some of them referring only to a uncommon custom that one may have while having sex, but others being far away from simple sex practices, but considered even as crime.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, January 19 @ 09:30:01 UTC (3272 reads)
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Pornography and Sex

By Jonatas Dornelles

There are at least three manners through which pornography, sex and sexual behavior get affected by society. The prior is the manner how the relatives, whether consciously or else, teach sex to kids. The second is through legislation and the third is through the public opinion.

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 22 @ 06:27:57 UTC (3460 reads)
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Sexual Orientation

By Editors

Sexual orientation so-employed term to define how each and every person regards own sexual preferences.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, December 08 @ 07:54:26 UTC (2931 reads)
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Sexual Healing

By Editors

What if Marvin Gaye was right when he wrote Sexual Healing, and sex does actually heal? It is in fact proved by several fields of science that having an active, healthy and fun sex life may have a direct impact on one's health and well being. But let's see how it happens.

Posted by webmaster on Friday, November 25 @ 06:03:27 UTC (2829 reads)
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Sexual Selection

By Editors

Sexual selection it's a term derived from the ideas of the scientist and naturalist Charles Darwin, who first developed the theory of evolution of the species.

Posted by webmaster on Thursday, November 10 @ 08:38:09 UTC (2860 reads)
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